Our Customers' Testimonials

Tami was outstanding! I hired Tami because I knew that I wanted a stress-free day on my wedding day and after meeting with her the first time I was confident she was the girl for the job! She asked all the right questions, and had every detail perfectly in order. My husband didn’t really understand why we needed to hire a day of coordinator but after the wedding he could not stop raving about how great she was and how glad he was that we decided to have her help! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

— Kristine & Kevin Austin

Tami did a great job guiding us through the entire process of our wedding. With just 4 months to work with, she pulled everything together so quickly. She kept us focused and hitting the things that we needed to get done. It was a blast trying on gowns with her and meeting with the variety of vendors that she setup for us. She provided a great balance of setting up appointments that fit what we wanted and provided ones that we would have never thought of on our own. She was creative, organized, detailed, and a blast. The wedding was beautiful and her attention to detail allowed for a completely stress free day. It allowed us to focus on our boys, family, and friends without feeling overwhelmed. It was perfect!

— Amanda & Lori

Hiring Tami at Creatively Yours was one of the first decisions I made for my wedding, and it turned out to be one of the best! She kept everything on schedule and running smoothly before and during our wedding. She took care of all the details so that my husband and I could enjoy the night 100%. Having her there took away so many potential distractions. Tami and her assistant were awesome!

— Cory & Michael Bannister

While Tami only provided Day of Coordination for me, she was always responsive and helpful in answering random questions leading up to the wedding. A few weeks before the wedding she started gathering all information from me so that by the day of the wedding she knew everything as well as I did. She made sure that everything went off without a hitch (at least from my perspective!)

— Stephanie & Michael Bowman

Tami was more than I could of hoped for as a day of coordinator. I like to plan and be in control of my plans but I knew that for the day of my wedding I wanted to be able to step back and just enjoy all the crazy plans and decorations that I had concocted. Tami made me feel confident that she would make sure that everything would happen and that she would take care of all of it, and she did! The event came off without a hitch, flowed smoothly, allowing me, my husband, family and wedding party and friends to thoroughly enjoy the evening.

I was very impressed with Tami’s attention to detail and keeping everyone on task. I had a ton of DIY creations and an amazing estate to decorate and she rose to the occasion. I was also extremely relieved to how well she kept all the vendors and my stuff in line and how neatly it was all put away and organized like I had left it for her when we came back the next morning to pick up our stuff.

Tami was one of the best choice that I could have made in the wedding planning decisions.

Thank you, Tami!

— Katy & Eric Bode

Creatively Your’s did a wonderful job in assisting my husband and I plan our out of state wedding. While living in Illinois we had no idea of any vendors or where to even start looking for them for our fast approaching West Palm Beach wedding. Creatively Yours did an spectacular job in providing us with a spreadsheet of 5+ vendors to choose from for different aspects of our wedding; to include websites and details needed to make our decisions. Every month we would be sent checklists of things we needed to accomplish and things that we had slacked on and still needed complete. Without Creatively Yours our wedding could not have gone off as smoothly as it did. We could not have had as successful of a day without Tami at Creatively Yours! I would definitely recommend Tami to brides everywhere!!

— Tiffany & Jason Jean-Pierre

My husband and I took on more than we bargained for when we decided to host our large wedding (200 guests) in my parents’ backyard. We worked with Tami at Creatively Yours, opting for her partial planning package. Our backyard wedding was no barbecue. We had the same type of reception that you might see at a more traditional wedding venue (DJ, catered buffet, nice china, full bar, etc.) Achieving this type of wedding in a backyard was no small task, and we could not have done it without Tami and her team. She kept us on track with monthly checklists and periodic calls to talk through details. She promptly answered our many questions via email, and jumped on important vendor calls when we needed her. We were on a strict budget, but it was important to us that our wedding had an elegant feel. Tami was honest about where it was ok to cut corners, and where we needed to spend a little more. My favorite thing about Tami is her calm, supportive demeanor. She takes care of business, and stays cool in the face of challenges. There is just something about her that allows you to be a relaxed bride. Ultimately, this saved my wedding day. Early the morning of the wedding, Tami called with some unfortunate news – a storm was headed our way, with an ETA of early evening. She assured us that she would do everything in her power to ensure the outdoor wedding went off without a hitch. You would think that, as a bride, I would be a nervous wreck. Because I trusted Tami, I was able to focus on enjoying the day with family and friends. Tami and her team more than delivered. During the event, I didn’t notice any of the challenges that the rain presented. Despite the fact that it poured all night, everything went as planned. If anything, the rain just helped keep the guests on the dance floor. Six months later, friends and family still can’t stop talking about how much fun they had at our wedding. My biggest concern was the outdoor ceremony. While we could have had our ceremony under the tent on the dance floor, I really wanted the romantic ceremony under the big tree in our backyard that I always pictured. Tami and her team made sure it happened. She watched the weather radar like a hawk, and, with the rainclouds quickly approaching, made sure everyone was ready to start at exactly 5 p.m. The ceremony was perfect, and the first few drops of rain fell right after we were announced as husband and wife. After the recessional, she was waiting for me with an umbrella in hand, and quickly ushered the guests into the tent for cocktail hour. She even had drinks ready for the entire bridal party so we could have a quick toast with just our closest friends! Because my parents’ home could not support the bathroom use of 200 guests, we rented portable bathrooms. I heard from a family member that when the bathroom floors started to get muddy, Tami thought to put cardboard on the floor of each stall to keep people from slipping. Where she materialized a bunch of cardboard from, I’ll never know. Her incredible problem solving skills came through and saved guests from what could have been an ugly scene! I can not thank Tami enough for all that she did on my wedding day, and during the many months leading up to the big event. I would recommend her whole-heartedly to anyone and everyone. You can trust Tami and her team to make your wedding day as beautiful and stress-free as can be!!

— Samantha & Max Phillips