How To Get Him Involved

How To Get Him Involved

Weddings are a MILTI-BILLION dollar industry and even with the many cultural changes it still points to the bride.  We see so many articles, ads and photos that bring our attention to the dress, the flowers, the décor and all the “pretty things”, but how can you get him involved?

  1. ASK HIM WHAT HE CARES ABOUT.  Knowing what each others cares are will help you with your budget.  Knowing what to spend more on and what you can save on.
  2. PUT HIM IN CHARGE.  This is usually the budget, entertainment, contracts and tipping the vendors.  Taking his interests into consideration you should assign him at least 3-5 things off your never ending to-do-list.
  3.  ASK ABOUT THE HONEYMOON.  Where does he want to go?  Have him take care of booking your flights, hotel and any other details.
  4. ASK FOR HELP WITH THE REGISTRY.  Set sometime aside to talk about what thing you could use to get started.  If you are pretty well set in that department you can go for more some more non-traditional registry ideas like funds toward to honeymoon or help building  your wine collection.
  5. LET HIM ENTERTAIN.  Include him in on the fun stuff like the bar, music, late night snacks or even a cigar bar.  He will enjoy the fun things so much more than your centerpieces or the cake design.
  6. DON’T OVER DO THE WEDDING TALK!  Constant wedding talk can overwhelm your partner and even get him going in the opposite direction.  During your planning stages I recommend planning a weekly date night to talk about anything BUT the wedding.  This helps keep you in touch with why you are getting married and what made you fall in love.

Your wedding day marks the start of a lifetime of compromise and sacrifice.  Sharing the planning process will help you prepare for these moments.  Having a wedding coordinator by your side will help you choose those task to delegate to others so you stay on track and don’t get overwhelmed.  Best wishes on your planning process.


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