A Boho Chic Wedding at the Byron Colby Barn, IL

A Boho Chic Wedding at the Byron Colby Barn, IL


October 17th, 2015

I first met Cory and Michael at a Starbucks that ended up being in a train station…lesson learned: check to see if the Starbucks is a free standing building before setting up a consultation.

They informed me of their love for archery and how causal they intend the wedding to be.  They expected around 75 guests and the most important thing to them was their photos.  I then met with the couple and Cory’s parents a month before the wedding and she was a little flustered by all of the questions and forms she had to complete for other vendors.  I assured her I would take care of it all as the timeline we create in the weeks leading up to the wedding day answer most vendor questions.  The joy in her face to hear she could hand over all final details to me was most rewarding.

As most of you know I have now been helping couples with their wedding day for 10 years and I am always quick to tell my clients that I am not insurance to a hiccup free day, however we have the knowledge and experience to handle these situations when THEY DO arise so the couple can continue enjoying their day as hoped.  I can honestly say that this one was my first and probably only wedding where we DID NOT have any hiccups to address!  Here are some of my favorite highlights from Cory + Michael’s wedding.


Venue: The Byron Colby Barn

Caterer: Dave’s Specialty Foods

Photography: Eric Gee Photography

Music: Just Press Play

Hair & Makeup: Bella Bridal

Videography: Vanilla Video

Wedding Planner: Creatively Yours

Best Wishes, Cory + Michael!

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