A Casual Backyard Wedding in McHenry, IL

A Casual Backyard Wedding in McHenry, IL

Back in May I received a phone call from a familiar voice.  It was a neighbor I have know for about 8 years.  Her question to me was “Are you still planning weddings?”  A week later I had a contract to plan my first Bride and Bride wedding.  It was on, we had 4 months to plan their backyard wedding in September.  Knowing that Amanda had hosted several catered dinner parties before I had to make sure she got to enjoy this party hands off.  Well, she did build the beer tap…  I truly enjoyed my time with this couple guiding them through each step of the planning process.   Who wouldn’t enjoy a food tasting with 2 bottles of Orin Swift wine?!  In 10 years I have never had someone bring wine to their tasting but my expectations have now been raised, LOL.  Check out the photos taken from their backyard wedding.

Best wishes Amanda & Lori!


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