What???  NO KIDS???

What??? NO KIDS???

Kids can make a HUGE impression on a wedding and depending on who you ask, that impression can either be magical or frightful.  It is guest list time and you now have to make the call.  There are 4 stages of the “Kid Decision” and here are some tips to make it through them all.

Who Is Included?

  1. It is OK to only invite kids of family or kids of friends
  2. You can also put an age limit on your guest list such as over 12 or over 18

age-restrictions for a wedding

Informing Your Guests

  1. Include “and Family” on the invitation envelope if kids ARE invited
  2. You can also write each specific guests name on the response card
  3. DO NOT print “Adult Only” on the invitation, instead have your family, bridal party and friends help spread the word
  4. You CAN put “Adult Only” on the wedding website

“I Didn’t See Katie and Luke’s Names On The Invitation, They Are Invited, RIGHT???”

  1. Stand strong! Be firm!
  2. Inform them you are limiting the guest list due to budget restraints and you can not include everyone
  3. Explain your inviting parameters so there are no hurt feelings

And they STILL come…

  1. Don’t make a scene!
  2. At the ceremony you can kindly ask them to move to the back of the church if the kids start to fuss
  3. At the reception get them a seat discretely  and if you are asked by other guests why they got to bring their kids you simply say: “They couldn’t find a sitter in time and brought them without my knowledge”


Good luck and just remember to make light of the unexpected and ask your photographer to get photos of those moments!