How To Choose A Limousine For Your Wedding

How To Choose A Limousine For Your Wedding

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If you have a wedding day on the horizon, one of the important decisions that you’ll have to make is the type of limousine to rent. Your limousine will take you to and from your wedding and possibly even bring you around town in the aftermath of the celebration. Choosing the right Chicago limo service to escort you for the day is extremely important. If you make the wrong decision, you’ll end up either wasting a bunch of money or feeling uncomfortable during your travels. Let’s take a look at the different types of limousine options and how each benefits a specific type of customer.


Nowadays, limousines come in all different shapes, sizes and colors. You have options and plenty of them. There is an array of stunning limos to choose from, ranging from sedans to party buses. The one that you select will depend mainly on the size of your party, aesthetic concerns and your desire for specific interior amenities. Let’s take a look at all of the limousine options for your wedding day.

Lincoln Town Car Limousines

This is the standard limousine and it is ideal for small parties of 3 or less. If it is just going to be you and your spouse in the limousine, the Lincoln Town Car Limo is the right vehicle. While it is fairly diminutive compared to other limousines, it provides all sorts of luxuries like champagne, beer, soda, water and even a red carpet. You’ll also be able to fit 3 or 4 bags into the vehicle as well. If you try to jam in 4 or more people into a sedan limousine, you’ll run out of legroom. With a larger wedding party it might be worth it to consider one of the other limo options.

The Stretch Limousine

Those who need a more sizable limousine that can seat upwards of 8 should consider s Stretch Limousine. This gorgeous all black limousine should accommodate most wedding parties and is a great choice. You’ll be provided with professional chauffeured service and you can even bring your pet along in this limo so that he can be a part of your wedding as well. While smoking is not allowed in the Stretch limo, customers are allowed to drink alcoholic beverages.

Sport Utility Vehicle Limousines: The Lincoln Navigator Stretch

Sport utility vehicle limousines have become quite popular in recent years. They are incredibly spacious and can fit a large group. It doesn’t get much better than the Stretch SUV Limo. If you didn’t schedule a traditional summertime wedding date, the Stretch SUV Limo might be the right means of transportation for you and your party. It won’t get stuck in the snow, slush, mud and other elements as it is equipped with 4 wheel drive. You are guaranteed to make it to your wedding and the post-wedding events without a hiccup.

Stretch SUV Limos can seat up to 14 passengers and is considered to be the epitome of luxury travel. It looks remarkable from the outside and has quite the posh interior. There are numerous amenities like leather seats, tinted windows, a stereo system, a bar with stemware and coolers, flat screen TVs, rear seat climate controls, mood lighting, champagne flutes, a DVD player and custom strobe/laser/fiber optic lighting.

The Hummer Limousine

The Stretch SUV takes backseat to the Hummer Limo. This bad boy seats up to 20 wedding-goers. It’s a bit more expensive but it is worth every penny. You’ll have a wealth of interior space to accommodate your entire party. The interior of the Hummer Limo has all sorts of niceties like a bar, glasses, tinted windows and more.

The Limo Party Bus

While a limo party bus might not look as classy on the outside as a traditional stretch limousine, it has its own unique advantages. This baby is all about function over form.

After all, you aren’t looking at the outside of your limousine when you are being driven in it, so aesthetics aren’t really that important. The limo party bus is an absolute monster. It fits between 24 and 28 wedding revelers with room to spare.

You and your wedding-goers will love the incredible amount of leg room and head room in the limo party bus. You can stretch out at will and you’ll really feel like you are at home. There is wrap around style leather seating, fiber optic lighting, tinted windows, a privacy partition, climate control, a premium stereo system with a CD player and surround sound audio. The Limo Party Bus also features flat screen televisions, a DVD player and a full length bar console with champagne storage and insulated ice

As you can see there are a lot of options available when selecting your limo for your wedding. We hope that this helped you figure out what kind of amenities you’ll need