Easy Tips To A Flawless Hair and Makeup Trial

Easy Tips To A Flawless Hair and Makeup Trial

Leslie, over at Style Onsite has kindly shared some easy tips for your hair and makeup trial.  Read on for great advice.



  • Bring lots of pictures:  Hair and makeup artists are very visual people so pictures are important. Having more than one picture is always good too.


  • When picking out pictures pick people who look like you:  You will have a better chance of being able to achieve your look. Ex. If you are a blonde with fine hair don’t pick the picture of the brunette with thick hair down to her butt!


  • Make sure you are specific on what you like and don’t like about each picture:  Ex. I like the front of this up-do but not the back, I love her red lipstick but she has too much blush etc.


  • Once you go over everything you like and want ask your artist to repeat it back to you:  It’s not rude at all, being on the same page is important and way more efficient


  • Don’t be afraid to speak up during the trail:  Whether it’s positive or negative. Ex. I like the way you did the part or there’s to much height in the front. It helps the artist know your wants.


  •  When you have the perfect final look and your feel like a beautiful bride take lots of pictures: Sometimes when a trial is done weeks in advance it’s hard to remember exactly how you wanted it. It’s always good to have a reference to go back to!


Thank you Leslie for putting together these fabulous tips!   For more great ideas visit the Style Onsite Blog here