New Adventures

So…Here it goes.  We have had some exciting new things happen at Creatively Yours recently and I am now entering a whole new world known as blogging.  I think I can compare my feelings right now to many of my clients when they first come to me.

“Where in the world do I start?”

“What is most important?”

You may think “Well you are a professional, you should know what to say”, but let me tell you I am not that good with words and have never enjoyed writing.  I think my best bet is to go for fun, friendly and fabulous!  Just as the business has grown over time, I can only hope the new blog site will do the same.


Here are some photos from our very first wedding in 2006:

How we have grown… Photos from our latest wedding in October 2013:

I am looking forward to sharing great idea’s and fun conversations with all of you.  Here’s to new adventure’s!